Temporary Email Generator

If you are looking for a temp mail service, this will be the best site for you. You can generate an unlimited number of temporary emails from here. We do not charge any monthly service charge or paid membership plan. All the service is free. This website offers you,

  • Unlimited Temp Mail Address
  • Random Email Generator
  • Mail last until your cookies change
  • More than 20 minutes
  • 100% Free and throwaway mail
  • No registration or Login requeired
  • More than five domains extension

Throwaway Mail

Your email address will be active until you clear your browser cookies and save all your email if you do not clear your cookies. We do not clear your mail from the server if you do not make it straightforward by yourself.

Burner Email Address

Temp Mail is one kind of temporary email that offers you to short time or one-time email service. You can generate an email account without any signup or login. You can use many different domains extensions for your mail address. You can use this type of mail service to reduce your spam count on your primary mail account. There are many benefits to use temp email.

  • It reduces your spam mail
  • Unravel your identity
  • Keep safe from hacker
  • Safe your personal information
  • Keep your inbox free from disturbing promotional mail
  • Ideal mail for demo signup for any websites.

20 Minutes Email

Using temp-email.me is super easy. All you have to generate a new email address. Still, when you visit the site, it will provide you a random email address, but you can change your email address anytime by clicking on the "new" button. Input your username on the mail name box, and then you will be used for your email username.

Temp Mail Address

You can use the service for creating any social media account, and the email name is never stuck on the signup. you can use it for:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter

Currently, the website is running a Beta version. If we receive positive feedback from you, we will continuously improve our website for user's experience. So your feedback is essential for us. If you satisfy with using our website, Please leave your feedback to us.